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Create Your Proposal

Detailed Instructions for Proposal Submission
The publishing industry prefers to review a manuscript proposal instead of the unsolicited submission of your entire manuscript (book). This allows the editors viewing your submission to see the important items they desire at a glance...and if they remain interested they will read the entirety of your proposal. Carefully review the following information prior to writing your own proposal.

Preview the actual manuscript proposal form

To assist you at every step, you will find helpful tips at the right side of the proposal form.

The manuscript proposal form has been designed to meet the review needs of our publishers. The form utilizes preformatted font and font size to provide an easy-to-read experience for the publisher. The publishers are focused on the content of your proposal and not on the presentation.

You will have the opportunity to choose whether or not you would approve of contact by a self-publishing member of this service. Simply choose 'yes' if you permit a self-publishing editor to contact you to discuss this opportunity. Visit our "Choose to Self-Publish" page for additional information. You will also have the opportunity to choose whether or not you would approve of contact from a literary agent member of this service. Simply choose 'yes' if you permit an agent to contact you to discuss the representation of your work (at no cost to you). Visit our "Finding an Agent" page for more information on the role of this professional.

Technical Tips
The following technical information will aid you in the completion of your manuscript proposal.

  • No changes of font or font size are necessary
  • You can either type your proposal into the provided space or copy and paste your work from a Word document. However, do not save your work as a webpage as this does not enhance the presentation of the proposal
  • No images may be attached to the proposal
  • There is no need to enhance the color as this does not appear to the publishers
  • If working for a long period of time, save your work in between to ensure your personal computer does not "time you out" of your session and cause loss of information.

Remember: You will review your proposal in its site-finished format before submitting it to publishers with the opportunity to make any desired edits.

Your proposal is your first and only impression - take your time in preparing your submission. Check your grammar and spelling. Have others read your work to assist you in the editing process.

It is a pleasure to provide this online manuscript submission service to you. It is our hope that you have a good experience as you complete the process. Please visit our "Frequently Asked Questions" if you need further assistance.

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