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Choose to Self-Publish
Our Purpose is to Help You Be Successful as an Author

While it is the desire of most aspiring authors to contract with a major royalty publisher for the publishing of their book, self-publishing is another option. Self-publishing means that you contract with a publishing company that publishes your work at some cost to you. Many of our self-publishing members offer far more than just the printing of your book (the old "print-on-demand" approach) and so we refer to them as partner-publishers. Each self-publisher provides a different level of service for you, their customer. With some self-publishers you have complete editorial control of the content of the book and contract with the self-publisher to handle only the printing and graphics. With other self-publishers, the services can include editing, illustrating, cover design, marketing and distribution. You, the author, are responsible for a portion or all of the costs of these services depending on the publisher and your choice of their package of offerings.

Within the ChristianManuscriptSubmissions.com service, self-publishing is the general term referring to publishing options that require an outlay of money by the author. You are given the opportunity within the proposal form to choose "yes" or "no" to interest in self-publishing contact.

View testimonials from authors utilizing the services of these partner-publishers.

"To Self-Publish—Or Not"
by Jeanette Windle

The following members of ChristianManuscriptServices.com offer self-publishing services:

FastPencillogo VMI | Deep River Books
Offers Partner-Publishing services
Bill Carmichael, President
Contact: bill@deepriverbooks.com
26306 Metolius Meadows
Camp Sherman, OR 97730
See personal testimonials here.
FastPencillogo ACW Press
Reg A Forder
PO Box 110390
Nashville, TN 37222
FastPencillogo Advantage Books
Mike and Karyn Janiczek
FastPencillogo Believers Book Services
Colorado Springs, CO
FastPencillogo FastPencil
Options ranging from 100% DIY Self-Publishing to Complete Publishing Packages to Enterprise Licensing
Contact us at inquiry@fastpencil.com or sign-up and start writing FOR FREE today.

This list is for information purposes only. ECPA does not guarantee accuracy. ECPA does not endorse and is not responsible for any of the individuals or organizations listed on this page. Please see the Terms of Use.