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Author Testimonials from those contacted by a self-(partner)publisher through the CMS service
Highlighting the publications of our authors

Self-publishing means that you contract with a publishing company that publishes your work at some cost to you. Many of our self-publishing members offer far more than just the printing of your book (the old “print-on-demand” approach) and so we refer to them as partner-publishers. Each self-publisher provides a different level of service for you, their customer. With some self-publishers you have complete editorial control of the content of the book and contract with the self-publisher to handle only the printing and graphics. With other self-publishers, the services can include editing, illustrating, cover design, marketing and distribution. You, the author, are responsible for a portion or all of the costs of these services depending on the publisher and your choice of their package of offerings.

Within the ChristianManuscriptSubmissions.com service, self-publishing is the general term referring to publishing options that require an outlay of money by the author. You are given the opportunity within the proposal form to choose “yes” or “no” to interest in self-publishing contact.

What AUTHORS say about ChristianManuscriptSubmissions.com and Partner-Publishing

Ezra: Help"I am so incredibly grateful to Christian Manuscript Submissions because I got a call from Jean Diemer with New Book Publishing. She found me through CMS. There was an immediate connection. Jean convinced me that it was time for Ezra: Help to be published. I was very impressed that she was so knowledgeable regarding the content of my manuscript and was not just out to make another sale. It was obvious that she was blessing the world by opening doors for those the Lord put on her heart. We spoke on the phone for quite a while. She answered all of my questions. She knew what she was doing. I knew then they were the publisher for me. I told Jean I'd call her as soon as I was finished with my final edit. New Book Publishing has been an absolute blessing to me. They made the publishing process quick and simple. They are, in a word, experts. They helped me with each and every process from editing to marketing. Everything came so naturally that it still amazes me every time I think about it. The fact that they were so quick doing their part, gave me the desire to be just as quick with mine. Even though they were across the country it felt like we were in the same office. They were there for me 100% of the time and continue to be. I love the staff and owners of New Book Publishing. They are the best!


The Forgotten Awakening"Now that I have my book in hand, I must say that it turned out far better than I had any right to think it would. Because of your skilled staff at Deep River Books and your own encouragement, I am simply amazed at what we have all produced by working together, and I want to include Rachel Starr Thompson in that. What an absolute blessing it has been working with you guys. I can't remember a single rough spot or disappointment in all our communications. If there is any way I can sing your praises in a way that would make a difference, please let me know. This book is a much better book than the one I submitted to you-all a year and a half ago."


Heaven or Hell"I want to thank New Book Publishing from the depths of my heart for their diligent, efficient and professional work on my book. They are a phenomenal publishing team that gives the author full control of decisions as their manuscript is transformed into an extraordinary book. When Jean contacted me from New Book Publishers, I instantly knew this was a divine connection by God. Jean's passion to publish Christian authors was evident as well as her passion for the Lord. Rachel's tremendous proficiency kept me updated on the entire publishing process as my manuscript was edited, the interior formatted and the cover designed. She was so thorough and her communications made the entire publishing process easy, enjoyable, and exciting! Sheila designed my beautiful cover and very gladly made the changes I requested because she wanted my cover to reflect what I had envisioned. The beauty about New Book Publishing is the author manages all the decisions that are made while an entire publishing team skillfully guides you. Jennifer was my marketing director who over saw every aspect of marketing my book. She was amazing! She tirelessly directed me with the designing of my website and trained me how to maintain it! Her sweet patience was a blessing as well as her extensive knowledge and expertise on how to successfully market a book through various media outlets. The designer of my website worked with me through Jennifer to create a website that is absolutely beautiful! I want to thank you all so very much!
If you are an author looking for a publisher, I would very highly recommend New Book Publishing which is a division of Reliance Media. They are professional, proficient, and perfectly suited to publish your book!


WAYBACK"As a new author, VMI Publishers was the company that helped me find my way to a spectacular finished product, my Christian Fiction thriller, Wayback. This book turned out better than I ever could have hoped for. Ten months ago, Bill Carmichael found my rough manuscript on the ChristianManuscriptSubmissions.com site and saw the story for what it could be in the right hands. Now, after editing, typesetting and a great cover design, Wayback is on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target and dozens of Christian chain bookstores. The relationship of VMI Publishers with STL Distribution is formidable and seamless - literally every bookstore in America knows of and more importantly orders from STL on a regular basis. Everything about my experience with VMI was professionally handled and they have been very responsive and supportive of me as a new author. I enthusiastically endorse VMI Publishers."


WAYBACK"About June 2008 I posted a proposal for a finished book on the ChristianManuscriptSubmissions.com site. Since I was an unknown author, I selected publishing partnership. Within two weeks I was contacted by Anomalos Publishers. They are one step above vanity publishing in that they do some promotional work as well and use distributors all over the world. I was pleased with the four editing passes and had them publish my second book. These two books are carried by all of the major internet book stores in many countries and some chain retail outlets. As part of the deal, I received 1000 copies of each book and I sent most of them to about 200 denominational headquarters and Christian colleges. "