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Author Testimonials
Highlighting the publications of our authors

ChristianManuscriptSubmissions.com Publishing Success!

Losers Like Us

“Christian Manuscript Submissions (CMS) is a remarkable service for first-time authors. I had looked into self-publication but finally decided to go with CMS, and it was the best decision I made. The CMS website really simplified the proposal process, and Jenni's consulting expertise encouraged me every step of the way. It seems too good to be true, but after a few months in the CMS database my proposal was picked up by David C Cook, and Losers Like Us will be published in June 2014. I have experienced firsthand the benefits of using CMS, and I highly recommend it. It really does work! ”

—Dan, contracted by David C Cook for release June, 2014


Preston Taylor, 102 Fascinating Bible Studies: For Personal or Group Use Greg Dutcher, You are the Treasure that I Seek Bradley R.E. Wright, Christians Are Hate-Filled Hypocrites David Humphry Sr., Dark Things Sharon Virkler, Anticipatience: A New Word of Hope for Single Women
Preston Taylor
Bethany House/
Baker Publishing Group
Greg Dutcher
Discovery House
Bradley R. E. Wright
Bethany House/
Baker Publishing Group
David Humphrey Sr.
Moody Publishers
Sharon Virkler
Green Key Books
Sharon Virkler, Anticipatience: A New Word of Hope for Single Women Susan Meissner, Why is the Sky Blue Richard and Pamala: Suffering In Slow Motion Pam Gillaspie: No More Excuses! Douglas McMurry Forgotten Awakenings
Susan Meissner
Harvest House Publishers
Nan Corbitt Allen
Moody Publishers
Richard and Pamala

Servant Publications
Pam Gillaspie
Armor Books
Douglas McMurry
Deep River Books

Christian Publishers who have published books through ChristianManuscriptSubmissions.com include those listed below.
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Christian Manuscript Submissions Author Wins
2009 Christian Book Award

Susan Meissner receives the prestigous Christian Book Award in the Fiction category for her latest novel, The Shape of Mercy. Meissner, discovered on Christian Manuscript Submissions (formerly 1st Edition) by Harvest House in 2004, has published ten novels and sold over 84,000 books.
What AUTHORS say about ChristianManuscriptSubmissions.com

Three Little Words

“But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ! (1 Corinthians 15:57) I thank God and ChristianManuscriptSubmissions.com for connecting me to Discovery House Publishers. I tried another review service and the single reviewer liked my book, but couldn't recommend it to be included it in their listings to publishers. For the same fee with ChristianManuscriptSubmissions.com I was able to write my own proposal and trust God with the results. I must admit that I had very little faith in hearing from a publisher, but God rewards mustard seed sized faith and Discovery House saw my proposal and liked it. I highly recommend your service.”

—Terry, contracted by Discovery House Publishers, 2013 [releases Spring 2014]

“ChristianManuscriptSubmissions.com is what allowed me to publish my first book. It provided a useful forum for my writing ideas, with visibility to publishers, enabling me to partner with the right team to make an idea reality. Thank you for helping me help others through my book!”

—-Tim, contracted by Deep River Books, Author of STRIVE: Your Life is Short, Pursue What Matters releasing Fall 2015

“Now that I have my book in hand, I must say that it turned out far better than I had any right to think it would. Because of your skilled staff and your own encouragement, I am simply amazed at what we have all produced by working together, and I want to include Rachel in that.  What an absolute blessing it has been working with you guys. I can't remember a single rough spot or disappointment in all our communications.  If there is any way I can sing your praises in a way that would make a difference, please let me know. This book is a much better book than the one I submitted to you-all a year and a half ago. Thank you Deep River Books!”

—Doug, contracted by Deep River Books in 2011

“I have signed with a royalty-only publisher through the help of christianmanuscriptsubmission.com. Due to my inexperience as a writer, I had already self-published this book in 2009 without even querying. I started working with CMS in early 2010, and with Jenni's encouragement I completed the proposal later that year. Even if I had never been royalty published, the price of CMS' services was well worth what I learned during the critique and edit.

Near the end of my six months in your database, an acquisition editor from Logos contacted me regarding working under their new trade publishing arm, Kirkdale Press. As of last week, they had three authors under contract, including me. I'm very grateful to CMS, DCJacobson, and Logos!”

—Matthew, Published digital edition October, 2011
“Thank you so much for your valuable service. Not only did I benefit from the coaching session, it sparked renewed enthusiasm for writing. Kirkdale Press, Division of Logos, offered me a contract to publish my novel, “The Church Sign.” They found me on your website and will be publishing it as an eBook only, but it is NOT self-published. Woo hoo! So, I'll be putting future book proposals on your site and continuing to tell every writer I know about this valuable service. Thanks so much!”

—Dr. Anne, The Church Sign, contracted August, 2011
“Publishers really do look at ChristianManuscriptSubmissions. After three years of trying to get an agent, let alone a publisher, to look at my manuscript, I gave CMS a try. Within weeks I was contacted by Discovery House Publishers who asked for a proposal. Within months, I was a holding a contract. ChristianManuscriptSubmissions is an absolutely wonderful service! Let me encourage you aspiring authors-don't give up! CMS is a great tool to help you give your book the exposure it needs.”

—Pastor Greg, You are the Treasure That I Seek, released April, 2009
"When you are a new, un-agented writer, getting a manuscript or even a proposal reading by a well-known publishing house can be extremely difficult. The Christian Manuscript Submissions Service bridged the distance between me and trusted publishing houses by providing a meeting ground that was truly the starting point for my career as a novelist. Since being discovered on this web site in 2003, I have written five books for Harvest House and am currently contracted for four more."

— Susan Meissner, ChristianManuscriptSubmissions.com author
"This is truly an exciting time for me, and I do want to thank the people at ChristianManuscriptSubmissions.com for the remarkable service you provide to first-time authors. I had initially become acquainted with ChristianManuscriptSubmissions.com about three years ago. At that time, I submitted my proposal but didn't receive any further inquiries from publishers. I let the proposal expire. But God didn't forget about it! A year ago this past October, He spoke to me about working on the project again, and after much prayer I decided to submit it once more to ChristianManuscriptSubmissions.com. I guess this was His timing! I submitted it in November of 2002, and in February received letters of interest from Focus on the Family and NavPress. Later on, Discovery House asked for more information. It was then that I knew publishers really DO look to ChristianManuscriptSubmissions.com for ideas! But God's choice was Green Key Books, and I signed the contract in December. Thanks again for being a partner in this project. I couldn't have done it without you! I look forward to having MY BOOK (!) (sorry, I still get excited writing that!) as part of your "success" library! ChristianManuscriptSubmissions.com has a new fan, and I will most definitely be recommending you to other hopeful authors!"

— Sharon Virkler, ChristianManuscriptSubmissions.com author
"ChristianManuscriptSubmissions.com is a great way to get your idea out there! I'm so glad that I found this site. I had a response from a publisher, Moody Press, within the first three months. Moody published my book, Asylum, in January of this year!"

— Nan Allen, ChristianManuscriptSubmissions.com author
"After receiving 22 rejection letters, it was such a relief for your service to advertise our book proposal. We are so grateful in finding ACW Press. Chuck Dean contacted us when our morale was quite low. Chuck worked closely with us with encouragement and excellent guidance along with Steven Laube. Their patience, when explaining each step of the publishing process was comforting since we have never published before. Our book, “The Complete Handbook for Parents with Disabled Children” has become a ministry directing parents in great need to Jesus Christ, who heals the broken. We now can look back and see how important ECPA was to the Lord’s Will to get this book published, especially Chapter One on “Prayer.” Please extend our sincere appreciation to your entire staff. Job well done!"

— John and Janice Sterba, ChristianManuscriptSubmissions.com authors
"I love ChristianManuscriptSubmissions.com! It's simple, it's painless, and it works! As a first time author, I was shocked when the first publisher I contacted informed me that they would not accept even a query letter from an unpublished author. The news, however, was not all bad. They directed me to the ChristianManuscriptSubmissions.com website. What I found at ChristianManuscriptSubmissions.com was a perfect match for my needs! I submitted an online proposal according to their specifications, paid a nominal fee, and my idea was instantly made available to a host of Christian publishers. An added benefit . . . I did not have to endure the pain of rejected query letters. Sure, this may sound like a small issue, but if you're an author or aspire to be one, you know exactly what I mean! Querying can hurt, but at ChristianManuscriptSubmissions.com the book proposal process is both efficient and painless. Really, what more could you ask for?!"

— Pam Gillaspie, author of No More Excuses! An Almost Too-Practical Guide to Reading Through Your Bible, ChristianManuscriptSubmissions.com author
“I wanted to give you an update regarding published works. VMI picked up my manuscript through ChristianManuscriptSubmissions.com. Bill Carmichael and his team have been absolutely fantastic. I am sure that this match was of the Lord. The book was released on November 1, just 2 months ago. I do not know what the sales are in the global market, only what is occurring in my contacts. I am doing book signings most weekends, throughout New England. More importantly, the content of the book is changing the face of America, one home at a time. For good and for God.

I frequently recommend your services to my writer friends. I hope that others find the success in an author/publisher match that I found. I remain grateful to you for the service you provide. Thank you very much!”

—ME Smith, ChristianManuscriptSubmissions.com author

What PUBLISHERS say about ChristianManuscriptSubmissions.com

David C Cook
“ChristianManuscriptSubmissions.com is a great tool for discovering new voices. We have acquired two titles for our digital-first line from CMS, and I regularly check the site for interesting submissions. ”

Bethany House/ Baker Publishing Group
“ChristianManuscriptSubmissions.com is a quick and easy way to find interesting projects that probably wouldn’t come across my desk otherwise. I have signed two authors from this site over the last twelve months and continue to check for new proposals on a regular basis.”

Discovery House Publishers
“We are pleased to have this new work from the second author Discovery House has found on ChristianManuscriptSubmissions.com. We regularly check the database on ChristianManuscriptSubmissions.com, and we appreciate the way you help aspiring authors provide us with professionally written proposals that give us interesting book ideas in an efficient manner. Thank you for making our work easier.”

Harvest House Publishers
With approximately 1,200 queries, proposals, and manuscripts arriving annually, it’s a tedious task wading through them in search of the 2% that actually fit our publishing program. That’s why referring unsolicited submissions to ChristianManuscriptSubmissions.com is the most efficient, cost-effective way for first-time authors to share their work with members of the ECPA, and for publishers to find exactly what they’re looking for. Everybody wins.”

Logos/Kirkdale Press
We have contracted several authors through your site, and I must say that your site is fantastic! It makes the process of finding and contacting authors so simple. I love that I can see the author’s background and qualifications, when dealing with certain subjects it is vital to know why the author feels they have the wisdom and knowledge to portray themselves as an expert on it.